Free Shipping
Free shipping products - Seeds for a total amount of purchases over 200lv
Free dostakva products - Preparations and agricultural commodities with a total value of purchases over 400lv
Free delivery is carried out to an Econt office.
Cost of delivery
The total value of supply includes prices of goods, the cost of packaging and
transport and charge cash. The prices announced on the site, are final,
VAT included.
Prices and payments
Prices of goods are free and can be modified. Prices remain firm and not
subject to change in the period from order confirmation until such payments
net within the prescribed period. Depending on the products you have added to your
basket, the delivery address and the weight of your ordered goods, calculated
transport cost.
Goods ordered from our online store, are delivered by courier chosen by you
to instructions in your order or address specified by you at close office
courier service. To reduce the cost of delivery, we recommend you specify the address of the office
near you where to pick up your order personally.
Method of delivery rates and conditions
After an order, you will receive confirmation via e-mail with your order number.
Sending items are made within 24 hours. Orders placed through
weekends are executed on the next business day.
Delivery time is 1 to 4 working days depending on the said village.
When ordering goods to the address specified by the customer. Ie to your door:
 - User is obliged to provide access and contact person to accept and
pay the ordered products. If the customer (or a person authorized by him) is not
found at the agreed delivery time can not be contacted on the phone
at the time of delivery, the shipment is returned to the office of the courier to the consumer's request.
 - If the user has hired another person to accept the consignment on his behalf, he
(user performs the initial contract) has no right of objection to
delivery and return of the consignment.
Delivery costs are borne by the user and are included in your order.
 * Upon receipt of the shipment, please check the contents of the package of matches
shipment by application submitted to the courier.
  * When violations in the appearance of the product please refer to the courier who
must establish a protocol for damage to the consignment.
Ltd. or a representative of the courier company is committed to
notify the user by phone or by e-mail, if there are unexpected circumstances
impeding the timely implementation of delivery.
Returns, guarantees and return
 - All goods offered by: new.
 - ensure that at the time of sending the product no disadvantages to
reduce its value or suitability for its normal use.
 - Immediately after the arrival of the delivery, but not later than 7 (seven) days, the customer should
check that it is complete and whether supplies have some drawbacks.
 - In the event of faults the receipt of goods, the customer should inform
immediately the type and quantity.
 - Guarantee is not executed under defects caused by inappropriate use of
product or use contrary to the manufacturer's instructions in the guarantee or
technical characteristics of the goods.
Return and replacement of goods purchased
Within seven days after receiving the goods, the customer has the right to return or exchange, as are
following conditions:
 - Keep good presentation (scratches, abrasions, etc.).
 - There is no damage caused by misuse.
- Retain the original packaging, consumables and accessories, in case you had included
Transport costs for returning the goods are borne by the customer. (In case of return
commodity customer pays a courier fee instead of two charges for transport in both
With respect to Article 53 of the CPA, payments of goods to: advances are not,
and before the expiry of the 7-day period in which you can opt out of contract
(order) of your payment is taken as a deposit (in line with Article 93 of the CPA).
You can pay your purchased products only in the following way:
 - Cash on delivery: payment order is pending receipt of
courier company. The full amount of payment you will see in the process of completing
 - Payment by bank transfer: the payment is made by bank transfer, in lev before dispatch
catalog. After receiving the bank transfer: "" will notify you in
soon the day of izprashtaento or the possibility of obtaining goods.
Data for a bank transfer:
Bank account:
Online store: not responsible for stocks of a given
items, as in the case of delayed shipment due to lack of availability, waiting
new import a new batch of production or delay in delivery to us by the importers or
the producers of the goods. In the event that it can not be provided desired
Your article or provide a delay of compiling the order, you will be
informed by a telephone call or e-mail, they will be offered alterna
tive items.
We hope we have been helpful.
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